Episode 4: Orlando Cruz

Orlando Cruz is now a successful practicing attorney in Massachusetts. But the odds were stacked against him. Growing up in Boston’s infamous Bromley-Heath project, he started dealing drugs as a teen, was involved in a shooting, and did time in a juvenile facility. It was there that he realized he wanted something more than a life on the streets. When he got out he began a hard journey that led him to college, law school, and a new life.

Episode 3: Ernest “Bang” Phaire

Ernest Phaire is a Bronx New York native who made his way to Massachusetts in pursuit of illegal drug money. While serving a 7 to 9 year prison sentence, he began to review the mistakes he made in his life and all the people  he had hurt along the way. Realizing that he had become somewhat of a sociopath, Ernest began to unpack the childhood trauma of having drug-addicted parents in order to find his true self.

Episode 2: David “Crunchy” DePina

David DePina grew up in New Bedford, Massachusetts. By his mid teens, he was dealing drugs and caught up in gang warfare. David’s participation in a shooting incident in which another man lost his life led to a 12 year prison sentence and the loss of his mother in a circumstance beyond imagination.

Episode 1: Abrigal Forrester

Abrigal Forrestor is currently Director of Community Action at Madison Park Development Corporation. He works with at-risk young men to try to steer them away from the crime and violence he lived through as a boy. At 12 years old, he got held up at gunpoint which set him on a destructive path that would change his life forever.