About Us

Exconversations is a collaborative effort of Taymullah Abdur-Rahman and
Powderhouse Productions.

After years of working with dozens of men and women both inside and upon release from prison–some thriving and others struggling to make a successful transition into society, Taymullah wanted to create a platform to tell their stories.

Tay took his idea to Joel Olicker, founder and CEO of Powderhouse, a media production company based near Boston, Massachusetts. Joel, a believer in the power of stories to change lives, was excited by the idea of humanizing ex-convicted felons by allowing them to tell their own stories in their own words.

Thus Exconversations was born.

Together, Tay and Joel hope to provide a conduit that will:
1. Humanize those who’ve paid their debt to society and now want to prove their worth as productive citizens.
2. Discourage at-risk youth from making choices that lead to prison by highlighting the regret and pain these ex-cons have experienced.
3. Give hope to those who are still incarcerated but on their way back into society, that building a life of worth is possible, with hard work and dedication.